Coffee Coaching

Limited to a group of 6

Coffee Coaching is a group coaching process based on the philosophy that “Energy flows where attention goes”.  i.e. when we regularly and honestly think about our current situation, set our intentions and routinely assess our progress, we can achieve success.   

This thinking environment will enhance self-awareness and inspire women to move forward with the support of like-minded people igniting new energy and ideas.  Whether it be the need to gain support in running your own business, or as you transition through “empty nest” or realise a buried dream, this will be the perfect launching pad for growth, accountability and sustainability.

This confidential learning space will help you to evaluate your relationships, work/life purpose, creative expression, spiritual connection, financial situation, environment, mental state and body to find clues of what is out of balance and what requires your attention.

Meetings take place every week for four consecutive weeks to create the necessary springboard for change however large or small.  Thereafter you are welcome to join a group every fortnight to continue the learning and ensure the longevity of your plans and dreams. 

The two hours will be divided into a Focus session and a Feedback session. The Focus session creates a thinking space and provides material and tools for creating change and the Feedback session assesses your progress, tweaks your plans and provides the support and encouragement required to overcome the blocks and obstacles that will most certainly challenge you.

This is the space to craft the life that you would truly love to be living.  I look forward to working with you!