Relationship Coaching


Relationship coaching is helpful for:

  • couples who are married and wanting to deepen their relationship or to work through recurring issues or patterns
  • couples getting married and looking for tools to prepare them for commitment and a life together
  • couples wanting to move in together or to explore taking their relationship ‘to the next level’
  • couples who are separated or divorcing/ divorced and wanting to find ways to do so with grace and understanding or wanting to make a decision whether to stay together or part ways
  • or anyone wanting to improve an intimate, work or family relationship

Topics or Tools that can be covered or learnt:

  • Personality and how this influences our relationships (Enneagram)
  • Self understanding and understanding others
  • Managing time and finding work-life balance (using the Zoning model from Mary Ovenstone)
  • Exploring contracting between partners – this can include issues such as money, time, ‘chores’/daily tasks, parenting
  • Life Seasons – adulthood, mid-life, and legacy years – what do these mean and how does STAGE OF LIFE influence our relationships
  • Communication
  • Handling conflict
  • Understanding the differences between Men and Women
  • Forgiveness
  • Love in Action (The 5 Love Languages/ Honouring your partner)


Each session is 1 ½ hours, ideally a week apart. You are encouraged to commit to 4 sessions up front and then decide from there how many additional sessions you would like.

Session 1
Contracting around the aim of the intervention and what tools/ information/ models/ approaches are needed (both parties)

Sessions 2 and 3
An individual coaching session with each person (separately)

Session 4
Coaching session together

It is clear that love is never simple, that it brings with it struggles of the past and hopes for the future… – “Care of the Soul” by Thomas Moore


It may be useful to consider love less as an aspect of relationship and more as an event of the soul. This is the point of view taken in ancient handbooks. There is no talk about making relationships work, although there is celebration of friendship and intimacy. The emphasis is on what love does to the soul. Does it bring broader vision? Does it initiate the soul in some way? Does it carry the lover away from earth to an awareness of divine things?

We always expect love to be healing and whole, and then are astonished to find that it can create hollow gaps and empty failures. Going through a divorce is often a long and painful process that never truly ends. Often we never know completely if we’ve done the right thing, and even if we enjoy some peace of mind about the decision, memory and attachment continue to persist, if only in dreams.

“Love is a kind of madness, a divine madness”
– Plato

“Love costs. It costs bravery. It costs going the distance, as we shall see.”
–  Clarissa Pinkola, Women who run with wolves

“When all is understood, all is forgiven”
– David Fauvre (Enneagram Explorations)