Individual Coaching

Coaching has been eye opening for me as I have learnt to look at things from a different perspective and learn how to change my outlook or action on specific things. …..Liz always listened to everything I had to say and gave me advice or actions that benefited me later on. After our sessions I was really happy and excited to move forward and challenge myself in order to move closer to the end goal I had.

Kim Podmore, UK

Enneagram Management Development Workshop

Dear Liz
I just want to thank you and Julie for a most worthwhile workshop you did with our management team. The planning session we had afterwards was the best we have had in years and I really believe that it started with your session. It has created a lot of conversation and discussion.

Lance Veenstra, Headmaster, Cordwalles Preparatory School

Enneagram Workshop with Crawford Pre-Primary Teachers and Staff:

Some of the comments from the headmistress and teachers were – “This was the perfect recipe for introspection, social awareness, acceptance and laughter!” “A great space to develop our potential” “Thoroughly interesting” “Helped to identify strengths and weaknesses and how to tap into others strengths and weaknesses (particularly in a workspace with my colleagues)” “Refreshing form of teambuilding and self-discovery” “Loved the interactive activities within the course” “Highly useful tool for self-analysis” “Was effective not only a professional level, but also a personal level”

Living Mindfully 8-week Online Program

"Thank you for the lovely safe space you created for us all - I really enjoyed the group of ladies and how their feedback often applied to us all. Thank you both for your very professional facilitation and insightful feedback. You are both very inspiring role models of what Living Mindfully looks like, so a big thank you to you both!" LSM, participant on Living Mindfully online Program 2022

8-week Mindfulness Program:

“I attended one of Simplicity Coaching’s Mindfulness courses about two months ago.
I can honestly say it was very enlightening and it has helped me to be more acutely aware of the senses through which I experience the world around me.  Through the practice of meditation and mindfulness I am more able to live fully in the present and to experience the gift and beauty of life on a different and more meaningful level.  I’m more conscious of my thoughts and the emotions I am experiencing, being aware of which thoughts I wish to choose for myself and which I don’t and being better able to manage my emotional state and in turn my behaviour, but at the same time allowing myself to fully experience and process my emotions which in turn brings inner healing and deep meaning.”

Jodi Stainton, Hillcrest

My Best Year Yet Goal Setting Workshop:

“The workshop is very practical, insightful and motivational. Julie and Liz have a warm, fresh and approachable manner and my staff thoroughly enjoyed the session. They all identified specific areas in their lives to work on and they felt that they left the training equipped with some practical tools that will ensure that they reach their new goals.”

Cindy Norcott, Owner of Pro-Appointments

Custom-designed Workshop in Self-Leadership:

Comments from the participants –
“Life changing in every essence of the word” Heidi Connell
“A course on Life (yours!). I felt more positive, had better energy and a feeling of more joy as well as being able to stand on my own feet” Hazel Bond
“A course that supported my personal awareness in a structured, supportive, warm and well-guided group setting.”
“Life changing, deep self-exploration and reconnection with self and others”
“An eye-opener”
“This course incorporated really useful self-help tools that encourage and promote self-growth. Even the most resistant of people eventually have to engage. They use “happiness as a path to success” as oppose to “Be successful and you will be happy.”

Team Coaching:

“We came out of the team coaching heading for greatness and with a sense of purpose and direction. A team coach helps move the team forward to produce more effective results and I believe that Liz and Julie are the best coaches to have in your team.”

Genevieve Davids – Operations Manager, Sage Alchemex (Pty) Ltd

Individual Coaching:

‘My sessions with Simplicity Coaching were extremely beneficial to getting to know myself better, I learnt many valuable tools to use moving forward with enhancing my life both in business and a personal capacity, I have appreciated the time, information and experience I have received’. ‘What a remarkable experience’.

Tabitha Wright-Ingle, Workplace Coaching for Resilience – Company in Umhlanga

Individual Coaching:

‘Liz, it’s only because of you that this journey of real discovery began for me. I feel like I owe you my life!! Thank YOU with all that I am & all that I ever hope to be.’

Nicole van Wyk, Life Coaching, KZN

Individual Coaching:

‘Julie, you were phenomenal in coaching me to find solutions, helping me to dig deeper and to realise that my worth is way beyond my own belief system. You guided me in deep reflection –helping me to move forward with absolute knowledge of where I was and where I can be. I could not have made a better choice of coach!’

Karin Cremer, owner of Nia Training, Durban

Individual Coaching:

‘After another life changing divorce, I made a conscious decision to take a closer look at my life and approached Simplicity Coaching to obtain some outside perspective and support. Through my interactions with Simplicity Coaching it became clear that one’s destiny, friendships, career and lifestyle are built through simple actions and outcomes chosen by one’s self. It is however easy along life’s path to choose “apathy” over “emotive connectivity” moving away from what excites to what pacifies. My time spent with Simplicity Coaching was not one filled with earth shattering insight, but rather one that served in helping me awaken my conscious behaviour as opposed to habitual sub-conscious responses to life. I was provided with insightful learning’s and a supportive ear through personal coaching sessions, and numerous yet simple and effective tools that I continue to use in an attempt to continue my journey post my coaching experience. Coaching for me has created awareness and allowed me to be more engaged, and although I have slipped in many respects, I remain conscious of my decisions and my choices and continue to lean on what has been learnt so as not to slip back into the apathy I last found myself in. I would recommend the coaching experience to anyone.

Andrew Murch, Life Coaching, KZN

Individual Coaching:

"My coaching journey with Liz from Simplicity Coaching has been a highly rewarding and invaluable one. Liz's professional approach to coaching has assisted me greatly in navigating through challenging periods of my life which includes completing an Executive MBA, starting my own business and maintaining a healthy work/life balance (to name a few). I highly recommend Simplicity Coaching to my friends and colleagues and continue to work closely with Liz on my personal development journey" AP, Umhlanga Rocks.

Individual coaching

“Good morning Liz Guess what, I finally got my PhD yesterday. ….Liz, you played a big role in making this happen. I'm really grateful for all the sessions we had, they really impacted my life in a great and positive way. They set me up for success!!! I'm so glad that you helped me make that decision to re-join the gym, and always encouraged me to go for the group social trail runs or walks, those are some of the main things that got me through the finish-line! ….You will most likely hear from me in future for coaching, and I will also highly recommend you to anyone I know that is looking for a coach. "

Gugulethu Joy Makhathini, Pretoria

Individual Coaching

[Coaching] was a wonderful experience. I have benefitted a lot from my sessions. At first I did not want to see her [my coach], I thought of making up excuses but today I am glad that I did not do that. Looking at how much I have grown. Liz knows her work and she is amazing at it. I have made quite good progress. I have learned to value my own opinions and ideas and value myself as an individual. I have received positive feedback on my appraisal from one of the Dr’s which was very surprising. Liz is able to hold the space for clients and that helped me a lot in the coaching sessions. (LN – social worker, NGO)

Individual Coaching

The coaching was extremely beneficial to me as an individual. It has "shifted" my perspective from being overly critical of myself to being accepting of my circumstances and confidence that I am able to make changes when needed. Thank you for your patience with me. Each session had a significant impact on me and more often than not, an insightful comment or suggestion that proved to be a trigger to "flip a switch in my mind" to help me change a behaviour or implement a personal habit.(JV – senior manager, motor industry)

Individual Coaching

I have found the coaching very helpful, it has given me a greater understanding of myself, that its acceptable to have the personality traits that I have, even the negative ones. The coaching has also given me tools to work on areas in my life where I need guidance and has helped me tremendously in goal setting. I have found Liz very competent. I feel like we developed a good rapport right from the beginning, she has understood me very well and structured tools around my needs. She has been a very good listener which at times during the coaching is exactly what I needed. She has instilled a great amount of confidence in me particularly when it comes to starting to become more comfortable with myself as a person and my own personality traits. I honestly can't fault the coaching in anyway, I have found the coaching tremendously helpful something I would recommend to anyone, it brings about very helpful tools and structure to ones life in growing and facing challenges. (JR – financial consultant)

Individual Coaching

Liz was very compassionate and non-directive in her coaching, allowing me to steer the aims of the sessions. She was sensitive to my spiritual outlook and suggested or provided appropriate resources like books, evaluations etc to supplement the work done in sessions. Sessions helped clarify my objectives and put them in the broader context of my life which then enabled me to (with Liz’s help) also break them down into practical steps and concrete actions. Liz is very competent and insightful. She referenced the enneagram when appropriate but also reflected using her own empathy and insight. (HR – therapist)

Individual Coaching

Liz met me where I was at in the moment. I found this supportive and positive and I am grateful for the tools and for the constellation exercise and the mindfulness exercises. I felt heard and safe to expose all my feelings. Liz allowed me to explore my feelings and acknowledge them as they were not a refined cleaned up version of them. I felt able to explore my feelings and not what I thought I should be feeling. Liz has been a guide and allowed me to lead the way. (CT – head of learning division at UKZN)