Managing your energy levels Workshop

A lack of energy is one of the main barriers to high performance, effectiveness and our capacity for change. In order to reach peak performance you need to have the energy to get there.


  • Raised awareness of areas in your life that need attention
  • Understand what may be draining your energy levels
  • Come away with a personal written plan of action to increase energy
  • Feel motivated to reach your full potential
  • Gain knowledge and practical tips on how to increase your energy
  • Connect with what is important in your life
  • Create new positive habits
  • Having the capacity to sustain increase performance at work and in your personal life


Physical energy – nutrition, exercise, sleep, breath, daily pulse and rhythms
Mental energy – realistic optimism, mental preparation, focus, visualisation, positive self-talk, creativity
Emotional energy – managing emotions, empathy, self-confidence, self-control, social skills, enjoyment
Purpose-driven (spiritual) energy – motivation, direction, purpose and values, meaning, authenticity, roles and goals

Creating a vision

Step by step process to form new positive habits and action steps