Living the Simple Life

24 May 2024, Friday

Our theme for the next few blogs is going to focus on “Simplicity” and what it means to Live a Simple Life!

In her book, “50 ways to Simplify your Life”, Elaine St James says that “When you start slowing down, cutting back, creating time – real time for yourself – the important things become obvious. Once you simplify your life you begin, perhaps again, to do your best work. You can start, perhaps all over again, to live your best life, whatever that is for you.”

Simplicity is about subtracting the obvious and adding the meaningful.
— John Maeda

Each blog will explore or discuss different ways to consciously live a life of simplicity and will include specific tools and exercises to find balance, to be more engaged and to be intentional in the way that you live your life. We welcome any ideas or comments.

A simple suggestion to get you started on the journey of simplifying your life is to slow down and take time to mindfully eat a meal, drink a cup of tea, watch a sunrise, or have a meaningful conversation with someone you love.

Simply yours,
Liz and Jules

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