Living the Simple Life 3

24 May 2024, Friday

It takes courage to let go, but if we don’t let go of old things, we can’t make room for new things to come
— Jennifer Ford Berry

Why de-clutter? According to Jennifer Ford Berry (in her book – Organise Now!), “Eliminating clutter and organising your life will give you more energy, lift your spirits and make room for better things and experiences to come into your life”…

Some lovely practical ways to get rid of clutter:

  • Be ruthless and “if in doubt throw it out”. If you haven’t used it in the last year, if it’s not beautiful or something you love, if it’s broken, doesn’t fit, isn’t comfortable – chuck it!
  • Have a box/ bags/ packets to sort into
  • Buy a shredder
  • Set aside time. It can be overwhelming to sort clutter, so focus on small steps, for example, tackle one drawer at a time. Just make a start as this is a great way to feel energised to continue.
  • Once you have decided whether to throw away or donate something, get rid of it, don’t simply put the bag or box in a cupboard! Put it in the bin or deliver it to the charity. Remember the words “one man’s trash is another man’s treasure”.
  • A lovely tip from Dom Nass, a colleague and friend – “I am a great one for de-cluttering and working on simplifying. Something I have been doing recently which has been liberating is this: Three friends are in the process of moving and they are finding it so difficult to get rid of 25 years of living in a house and downsizing. They keep telling me about the decisions they are having to make. So each time I see a piece of paper, an item of clothing or an object I ask myself “Would this go with me to the downsized home or would it go to charity etc?” I find it easy to do this when I am not in the throes of a stressful move and hopefully one day my decisions won’t be so difficult when it’s my turn.” (thank you Dom!)

Have a liberating week of simplifying!

Liz and Jules

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