Individual Coaching

Life-coaching is a powerful process in which a safe space is provided for you to reflect on your life, explore possibilities, tackle obstacles, step out of your comfort zone and then take the relevant steps to move forward in a desired direction.

We provide the structure, encouragement and the necessary tools to support you to reach your full potential.

Life coaching is a series of guided conversations that explore your thoughts, feelings and experiences to promote self-awareness and constructive action. It is a positive, supportive and enriching tool used to plan and realise the changes that you may want to make in the different areas of your life.

Just as a personal trainer works with you to accomplish a certain athletic goal, a Life Coach will work with you to assess your current situation, evaluate your choices and integrate the learning to make the desired changes. You will be encouraged to explore your needs and values and incorporate more of what brings you joy and fulfilment into your daily living.

Online Coaching

Coaching may be done face-to-face, telephonically or on Zoom. Zoom coaching can be a really effective way to meet virtually.