Finding Your Feathers Workshop

Finding Your Feathers is a self-leadership workshop designed to expose you to deep introspective work coupled with the action of having to set and fulfil a realistic goal. It is through the fulfilment of this goal that you will start to witness a new confidence and a fresh enthusiasm towards life. This course will help you identify your best approach to taking responsibility for your health.

With the provision of guidance, inspiration, support and encouragement we hope to be able to alert you to your inherent potential so that you can dust off and action your dreams.

The course content includes the following:

  • Understanding your choices and responsibility
  • Self Awareness and Self esteem
  • Identifying your values
  • Creating a vision for your life
  • Learning how to give and receive feedback
  • Learning how to maintain good habits
  • Managing yourself (Mental, Physical, emotional and spiritual energy)
  • Understanding others and enjoying diversity
  • Mindfulness
  • Journaling
  • Goal Setting
  • Establishing a support system
  • Values, attitudes and beliefs

Simplicity Coaching, in association with Alison Hurt and Lynn Norton put together this Coaching programme in an attempt to make the benefits of coaching more accessible to more people. They combined their knowledge, tools and experience and borrowed from a myriad of sources to compile the best of what they think coaching has to offer. This is just the beginning of a fulfilling and inspiring journey of getting to know yourself. It is their hope that you will take what you have learnt and pay it forward into all your relationships thus expanding your innate ability to love and be kind to one another.