Embrace Life

24 May 2024, Friday

I choose to live a life of JOY

Tool #3 that we would like to share with you is: Using Positive Affirmations

So many of us have the tendency to criticise ourselves constantly throughout our day. How often have you dropped something, or bumped your head, and your immediate (often subconscious) thought is “You idiot!” “Fool!”; or some other negative statement? Or you tell yourself that you will never be good at something, or that you always react in a certain way.

Embrace your life, by changing your ‘mind-talk’ and ultimately your beliefs, actions, habits and Destiny! Our thoughts affect the way we feel and drive our

  • motivation,
  • enthusiasm and
  • well-being.

If we become aware of our thoughts, then we can really improve many aspects of our lives: boost self-confidence, improve the way we feel about other people, improve our health,
increase our motivation and more.

In her book “Zest for Life”, Dawn Breslin says: “From our thoughts, our actions are created
From our actions, our habits are created; From our habits, our character is created; From our character, our DESTINY is created”. Simply becoming aware of what your negative thoughts are, and replacing those with positive affirmations can have a profound effect on your life!

Have a positive week of being aware.
Warm regards
Julie and Liz

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  1. I just added this blog site to my feed reader, great stuff. Cannot get enough!

  2. Jean Siddens says:

    Thank you, I have recently been looking for details about this subject for ages and yours is the best I’ve found so far.

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