Crouch-Touch-Pause-Engage for Mindful Connection

24 May 2024, Friday

Crouch-Touch-Pause Engage: what does rugby have to do with mindfulness?

I remember a few years ago facilitating a retreat, over the weekend of an “important” rugby match. This was during the time when the phrase “crouch-touch-pause-engage” was used by the referee during a scrum. There were no televisions at the retreat centre; however those who wanted to watch the game were invited to the retreat owner’s home.

At some point during the match, one of the participants on the retreat, commented on how the phrase “crouch-touch-pause-engage” made her think of what happens when we apply this principle in our daily lives. Over the past two years Julie and I have been on a Teacher-Training Program through Stellenbosch University in running Mindfulness-Based-Stress-Reduction Interventions, and what we’ve learnt in our training, reminded me of this comment all those year ago.

In applying this phrase to the concept of mindfulness, the following is what came up for me: when we “crouch” – sit on our cushion or chair with the intention of being with ourselves; “touch” – actually make contact with our inner thoughts, emotions, body (feel the cushion beneath us, hear the birds outside, connect with the present moment); “pause” – allow ourselves to rest, breathe, BE still for just a moment; we find that we ENGAGE with Life.

In my own experience, the benefits of this engagement have been that I am more aware, I’m able to handle external stressors with greater ease, calm, and equanimity (balance), and my relationships feel exponentially more honest, authentic, real and connected.

What a Gift and a Blessing this has been.

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