Alchemy of ABUNDANCE   Step One

24 May 2024, Friday

Say YES to LIFE!

The Oxford Concise Dictionary definition of abundance is “quantity more than enough; plenty; overflowing; affluence; wealth”.

In the next few blogs we would like to explore how an “abundant mind-set” can lead to a transformation in how you view your life, how you live your life and the riches that you open yourself up to when you trust in the Abundance of Life.

Matthew 6 verse 21 “For your heart will always be where your riches are”.

Where are your riches? Are you focusing on what you DON’T have, reinforcing the lack or scarcity in your life, and wanting “what the Jones’s have”?; or are you abundantly grateful for the riches that are right under your nose and open to the opportunities that present themselves each and every moment when you pay attention?

We can have every material thing that we think our hearts’ desire and be surrounded by people who love us and still be unhappy and feel empty, alone. We can be struggling financially, have no friends, and still feel grateful for life, content, at peace.

If you want to experience the Alchemy of Abundance, start by saying Yes to Life!
Yes to a life of abundance, overflowing with ‘riches’.

Once you can shift from the fear that there is not enough (money, friends, love, work, whatever it is) to the realisation that there IS more than enough, you will free yourself from restrictive, reactive and defensive behaviours and open yourself to receive freely the gifts that the world has to give!

Suggestions to get you started:
Give freely without want or expectation of anything in return – when you are fearful you are in survival mode and focused on getting your own needs met each day, missing opportunities that may be right in front of you.
Be generous with your time, energy, attention and resources – if you don’t have money or goods that you can share with others, you can give the gift of attention by listening to someone; giving a hug; or sharing the gift of a simple smile.

Try these suggestions and please send us feedback if you experience “gifts” and blessings coming into your life….

Abundantly yours
Liz and Jules

“Many people are feeling a call from their soul for balance. This also means balance in our own lives. Deep down many are seeking simplicity.” Fiona Taylor

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